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100x150 cm | 39 ½ x 59 in frames


Make your walls pop with our large frames in 100x150 cm! As we all know, large and eye-catching posters need frames that will show them from their best side, and our 100x150 frames are available as wooden frames, both in black and white. Let your artwork be framed and accentuated by our large 100x150 frames and your art will be all set!

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Large 100x150cm frames

One of the latest trends in interior design and wall art for homes is big and bold artwork. Our frames in 100x150 cm are a perfect fit for our posters in 100x150, and despite their size, they’re easy to assemble.

If you want your artwork to truly be a central piece of your home, 100x150 frames and a matching print is what you need to bring home next. By simply putting up one print covering a large section of your wall you can without any effort achieve a high-end look and make your home one of a kind. Our 100x150 frames come in both black and white wood, so you can choose the design you love the most.

If you have an empty wall at home that needs to be filled, these frames can both be hung on the wall, or simply left standing against the wall. The choice is all yours, depending on which look you’re going for.