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A photo collection by Desenio

Let the winds of change guide you toward your best chapter yet.

Introducing Studio Viento, a collection inspired by and photographed in Mallorca, an island famous for its rustic beauty and laid-back lifestyle.

“We wanted to create a collection that captures the uniquely serene atmosphere of the Balearics, both in terms of mood and colour scheme.”
Annica Wallin, Creative Director

Mediterranean lifestyle – Studio Viento

Desenio's photography collection Studio Viento captures the spirit of the Balearic islands. Photographed in Mallorca, this collection presents calm images in soft and muted tones, all produced by our Desenio Design Studio. The key colours in this collection are sandstone, terracotta, citrus yellow, sea blue, and olive green. Bring the Mediterranean countryside lifestyle to your home.

The prints are perfect to give an alfresco feeling to a kitchen or dining area. Alternatively, bring sunny vibes to your living room or bedroom. Find your favourite prints from Studio Viento today!