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Studio Collections


Desenio Studio Collections comprise unique photo designs where each collection pays tribute to the chosen location. Our creative team has visited various cities across the globe to capture architecture, nature and snapshots that distinguish each location. Poppy pastels or contrasting black and white? Modern or retro? Subtle or expressive? Find the designs that fit your interior or mix and match – you don't have to choose!

Exclusive photo art by Desenio

Studio Collections are photo posters exclusive to Desenio. Our creative team visited various locations around the world and captured their characteristic features through a camera lens. Each location constitutes one collection containing numerous photographs depicting distinctive architecture, skyscrapers, beautiful scenery and snapshots unique to the city.

Adorn your walls with unique photo posters of cities such as Stockholm, Miami, Los Angeles and Palm Springs. Studio Stockholm immortalises dirty-pink exteriors, narrow alleyways and cobblestones in colour and black-and-white. Onward to Miami and you’ll find designs showcasing bubble-gum-pink Art Deco buildings and turquoise skies that will enliven any interior. The Los Angeles collection lets you to bring Californian sunsets, magnificent palm trees and gorgeous beach promenades into your home.

Studio Collections is an homage to several beloved places around the world, immortalised in photographs with which you can decorate your home. Bring a piece of your favourite place into your home.