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Studio Cosmopolitan


Studio Cosmopolitan is a unique photo art collection that showcases iconic places and locales from three global cities – New York, London and Paris. The collection celebrates the global citizen – the true cosmopolite – who calls the whole world their home. The designs reflect each city’s unique allure in everything from architecture to classic landmarks and beautiful details.

Studio Cosmopolitan

Studio Cosmopolitan is a contrast-rich photo collection that mirrors the charisma and vibrant pulse of three global cities – New York, London and Paris. These cities are inspiring and fascinating in equal measure, where trends in culture, art, and design are born. Desenio’s creative team visited these three cities and photographed their iconic places and locales.

Rediscover London’s classic landmarks such as Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye, all photographed from new angles and perspectives. The designs also usher you through the thronging city centre awash with bright red telephone boxes, double-decker buses, and historical high streets. Onwards to another European metropolis – Paris. We have immortalised the city’s beautiful and quintessential façades in dramatic black-and-white, with hints of lovely blue and pink hues. Across the pond you’ll find the city that never sleeps – New York! With photos of the city’s world-famous skyscrapers and skyline, mixed in with detailed pictures of beautiful building exteriors and snapshots that capture the pulse of the city, you’ll be able to bring New York into your home.

Compose a gallery wall to which you add your favourites from New York, London and Paris and create a personal ensemble that reflects you and the person you are. Be inspired by the cities and what they represent – the sky’s the limit!

Studio collection by Desenio