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Discover Studio London – a collection in which photographs of classic landmarks and architecture are combined with beautiful images of this gorgeous European metropolis. Give your interior a modern, timeless style – words we associate with this pulsating city.

Photographs from London

Discover the beauty of London in Desenio’s studio collection, an exclusive photo composition produced by our creative team. We want to portray the beauty of London from a different perspective, in a palette of black-and-white photo art and muted pastels. The designs are a mix of old and new, historical buildings and beautiful façades. We hope to capture London’s character in the photographs, but from a new angle – the historical buildings, the dynamic pulse, and the unique details all around the city.

The collection is a delightful assemblage of images that showcase the city’s diversity in everything from history to architecture. Black-and-white photos along with pink and mint-green tones create a stylish ensemble that will look striking as part of a gallery wall or on their own.

Adorn your walls with the grand St Paul’s Cathedral, the gothic Westminster Abbey, or the famous London Eye – one of London’s classic landmarks. You’ll also find photographs of London from the streets of Primrose Hill and Notting Hill with houses and doors in mint-green, pink, and yellow hues – a colour scale that you don’t normally associate with the city.