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Picture hooks


Hanging your framed art will be easy with our picture hooks! The picture hooks fit walls made of concrete, plaster or wood. As they're easy to put up on your walls, hanging your art will be a piece of cake!

Picture hooks online for hanging frames

Our easy-to-use picture hooks are perfect for hanging your framed art on wall materials such as concrete, plaster or wood. Instead of using various tools and leaving large marks and holes in your wall, these simple hooks are both easy to put up and remove, and they only leave a small mark. This will make hanging your Desenio artwork much easier!

The only tool you need is a hammer, place the flat side against the wall and hammer the three small nails into the wall. When removing the hook you can either simply pull them out or use the back of a hammer to gently pull them out. Our picture hooks are sold in pairs of two, and fit all our frames with exception of our 100x150 cm frames.