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How to

Create contrasts in your home

Contrasts create interest. Contrasting shapes and colours automatically draw the eye in, creating a natural focal point in any room. Read on for our best tips on how to create contrast on your gallery wall.

Contrasts can be accomplished in myriad ways, and best of all – there is no wrong way! When it comes to decor, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and the only design rules are those you create. Expand your horizons and dare to think outside the box to find a style that is uniquely you and feels right for your home.


Opposites attract! Opposites attract! Warm and cold, light and dark, soft and hard, big and small – the possibilities are endless.

Black and white is the simplest trick when it comes to succeeding with a décor rich in contrasts. The powerful juxtaposition of light and dark brings out and elevates the opposing pole’s qualities, creating a natural eye-catcher in a room.


Dare to explore, and find your place in the style jungle by mixing contrasting styles, formats, and sizes. Here, we’ve created a gallery wall featuring a combination of graphic, artistic, photographic, and typographic designs.

Contrast can also be accomplished by hanging posters in various sizes next to each other – the bigger the size difference, the bigger the effect! Mix big and small, and give your walls striking contrast with a statement poster in our largest size 27.6x39.3” (70x100cm) combined with smaller posters.


Find the perfect contrast of ‘sweet & salty’ by balancing romantic elements such as florals and pastel hues with black and white prints highlighting a bolder attitude. Working with hard and soft elements, in everything from colours, fabrics, and motif, you can quickly achieve a balance that will give your room a focal point infused with your personality.

Achieve the right look in a jungle of contrasts, and you will most likely also succeed in creating a striking and personal interior atmosphere. And remember - one element does not need to exclude the other!

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