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You need your living room, beautiful prints and some good music. Here's how to create a stunning gallery wall to hang above your sofa.

A well-curated gallery wall is not only a great way to add some personality to your home. It also adds warmth and colour turning your empty wall into a work of art! Chances are the space above your sofa are in need of some magic. Turn on some good music, get your toolbox and follow our step-by-step guide on how to create the perfect gallery wall!

Choose the prints (and don’t forget the frames!)

No prints, no gallery wall. Have a look at your interiors and how you want your gallery wall to relate to your style. Do you want the artwork to blend in or make a statement? Do you have a love for photography or is abstract art more your style? Adding a few personal photographs makes your gallery wall that bit more unique. Also, consider which frames to use. A light frame will make the artwork pop, while a black frame creates contrast. Black frames often look nice paired with monochrome photo art. 

Hold the hammer!

Ok, so now you have your framed prints ready to go. Having a plan on how you're going to hang your frames will make all the difference and probably save you a few tears. Lay the groundwork by making the floor act as your wall, playing around with composition until you find a look you love.

Create space

While your art is still on the floor, take a few minutes and experiment with the placing. Usually, we would recommend spacing the frame 5 to 10 centimetres, 2 to 4 inches, apart. You could also try hanging them closer together to create the look of one solid art piece. It all comes down to your personal taste and style. Start with a 5 centimetre spacing between frames and go from there!

Find your centre 

When you’ve perfected the composition of your artwork it’s time to get down to business. Use a measuring tape to find where the centre of your arrangement should be and mark it with a pencil. A universal rule is to place the centre of your gallery wall approximately 145 centimetres, 57 inches, above the floor. Do feel free to experiment with this rule, if you have a high ceiling it may have to be adjusted a bit. We also have to take the edge of the sofa into account, the lowest hanging frame should hang at least 15 centimeters, 6 inches, above the sofa. 

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