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We spoke with Linn about interior decor - what she hangs on her walls, what. inspires her, and what style would never make it past the door of her home.

London-based Linn Wiberg is the girl with a backbone and a very active pen. Her blog is based on life as a Londoner and the love/hate relationship for the people, gloominess, and the wall-to-wall carpets.

Everyone who’s lived in a big city knows the challenges of small living quarters - how do you decorate 15 square meters in an attractive way? And how do you take the step to live in a place when you don’t know if you’ll be able to stay more than a few months?

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What are some of your best decorating tips?

To strive for a particular feel as much as going on instinct. For me, it’s important that my home is calm, but also exciting. A lighter base, black details, and different kinds of natural materials. Wood, suede, brass, smoky glass, linen, and ceramics.

Then fun is infused by displaying and hanging things that inspire me. A book I’m reading, a photo I’ve taken, a shirt I like, or an absolutely crazy piece of furniture I’ve found. It should be easy to talk about what’s displayed, but there should also be a sense of cohesiveness in the mix.

When it comes to art, rugs, and fabric: the bigger, the better! Always.

Pretentious, right? But mostly cosy.

What was the thought process behind your choice of posters?

I’m 100% the type that goes by feeling. I saved all of the posters that made me stop scrolling on the website in a folder on my computer. Then I compiled them in Photoshop to see if they would look good together. The ones I ended up choosing all had a sense of dramatic calm to them and were basically black & white.

Foto: Linn Wiberg

Is there a particular decor style that you would never consider?

The startup-style where everything is white and angled with the exception of obscure lime green pieces of furniture. I’d rather go shabby-chic if given those two choices.

Have you always had an interest in interior decorating?

God no, definitely not. My boyfriend has incredibly good taste, and since we moved in together four years ago, he’s helped me think in completely different ways. I’m constantly being questioned when I am debating over a piece of furniture, and that’s exactly what I need.

Now I love to play around, adjust, rethink and decorate. Dreaming of having a place bigger than 15 square meters, however…

What’s the best/worst about living in London?

Best: That it’s forgiving and eventful

Worst: That nothing is permanent, and it’s far from those I love

How does interior design/standard of living differ between the UK and Sweden?

Wall-to-wall carpets. Everywhere. In the hallway, around the toilet. They’d probably install it on the ceilings if it wouldn’t mold after two days.

What I do like, however, is that people are not judgmental. Decor is an afterthought, not something that is mandatory and that you are marked on, homes here can really look any which way.

Do you have any tips for making your decor feel personal?

Don’t ever buy anything that is practical but ugly. I guarantee that the practical gadget comes in an attractive version also, you just have to search a little. With that approach towards everything from a garlic press to a lamp switch to a soap dish, your personality is sure to shine through.

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