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Meet our new Handpicked artist

Launching today: Elisabeth Fredriksson’s collection of graphic posters. We had a chat with Elisabeth to get to know more about her as an artist, her artwork, and where she finds inspiration.

Elisabeth grew up in Kiruna, Sweden and has enjoyed art as an important element throughout her entire childhood. Her mom’s oil paintings had a prominent place in their home, and her dad’s passion for photography was constant. With relatives spanning craftsmen, musicians, and actors, it seems natural that creativity has been passed down to Elisabeth.

“In my teens, I drew and painted a lot. I got my first camera when I turned 15. Dad introduced me to Photoshop, and it’s been my tool of choice ever since.“

During a year at art school, Elisabeth’s interest in graphic art grew and is something that she is now grateful to be able to spend her time doing. Her rationale for falling for graphic design is the structural aspect - building up and piecing together each part to form a larger picture.

“A calm comes over me when I can dedicate uninterrupted hours on a design, and completely forget about time and space. To create is meditative to me, and that’s when I am the happiest.”

We were curious and asked Elisabeth where she finds inspiration for her art:

“From pretty much anywhere. Movies, music, games, and other creative media, but foremostly from nature. Ideas also pop up when I see something in my environment, e.g. a coffee stain, rust on a container, or the shape of a building. Inspiration is everywhere, and I am always paying attention to details around me.”

Even though nature is a recurring source of inspiration in Elisabeth’s pieces, her work can vary greatly. “The different styles in my art is a reflection of how we are as humans - complex. We have many different sides.”

Browse the collection here

Some of our favourite pieces by Elisabeth Fredriksson:

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