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Valentine’s special: Meet the duo behind Love Warriors

In honour of Valentine’s Day, we asked some questions of the couple behind successful home decor company Love Warriors: about their love for what they create, photo art, and each other.

Couple Per Sandahl and Yvonne Arentoft are the founders of boho-chic brand Love Warriors, which specializes in creating and selling unique and beautiful photo art. With busy jobs and a good amount of work travel cutting into time spent together, Per and Yvonne found themselves yearning for more time as a couple, and the idea for mutual project Love Warriors was born.

The love of creating has always been a mutual passion for the couple, albeit taking different forms throughout the years. Something that started as renovating their own home and a job developing other brands finally culminated in the love project Love Warriors, where their work with photo art is at the centre.

Love Warriors’ photo art is cherished around the world, and often includes motifs of animals and people with subtle, romantic details. Inspiration is found from all over the world, and many of their subjects are captured in places on the other side of the world. Every photo tells a story or is part of a theme, and through their photo art, LW aim to share messages that are close to their hearts.  

Photographic art and the medium’s capacity for expressiveness has a special place in
Love Warriors’ hearts, and is something that permeates their entire business. When developing a photo series, they compare their work process to that of a film production team’s: taking on the role of scriptwriter, director, producer, as well as doing post-production work, in addition to the the actual photographic work that is part of the storytelling. It’s evident that their work is created with love, even without their name already revealing it: love warriors. The name Love Warriors came to the couple during an inspiration trip to Hong Kong; it was important to Per and Yvonne that the soul of the company and their values be reflected even in the brand name. Their business is not the only aspect that has seen success: working together with their life partner has also strengthened their personal relationship.

"Getting caught up in trivial stuff and starting “unnecessary” arguments about mundane details or being grumpy just doesn’t work when you will be going to work with your partner the next day. We’ve become much more respectful and sensitive towards each other."

In true Valentine’s Day spirit, we asked about their tips and tricks for keeping the love alive; here is the couple’s reply:

“We feel it’s important to make the other person feel safe in the relationship and give him or her the sense of being chosen and special. Never go to bed angry, but instead work through your issues before bedtime; do something fun every week, and laugh a lot. Humour can save most situations.”

With this recipe for success, we feel certain that we will get to experience more of Love Warriors’ stories from around the world through their photo art.