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Behind the art: On set with our photo series New Moon

Have you ever wondered how your favourite art prints are created? Join us at the shoot for our photo series New Moon to experience the magic that goes on behind the scenes.

Let's travel back to a summer’s day in June, in a beautiful palace park where the sun sets over pristine fields. This is the backdrop for our photo art series New Moon, a collection of prints that interpret spirituality in a modern way.
– The creative idea behind the series was to capture the dreamlike nature of spiritual experiences, with an added touch of luxury, says Creative Director Annica Wallin.

With props such as milk baths, crystals, lace fabrics and dreamcatchers, the series of photos portray the modern woman searching for spiritual experiences in a romantic and slightly mysterious setting.

The collection is created by a team from our Design Studio, starting with an idea slowly forming into a concept until it became a finished product.
– From start to finish, the team working on a series like this are immersed in a creative flow. We’re a tight-knit team of art directors, photographers, stylists and production leaders, working together to create beautiful wall art, says Annica Wallin

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