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City silhouettes in muted pastels

Desenio now offers a handpicked selection of Art Prints Vicky´s unique city silhouettes illustrated in a minimalist and sophisticated style. Read more about Art Prints Vicky here!

Now you can finally buy Art Prints Vicky´s unique city silhouettes from Desenio! Her posters featuring silhouettes from our largest and most attractive cities, including Berlin, New York, and Paris, are illustrated in muted pastels and a sophisticated graphic design.

The artist behind Art Prints Vicky is graphic designer Vicky, who lives in Greece with her husband, daughter, and their little dog. All of Vicky’s posters and unique city silhouettes mirror Vicky´s biggest source of inspiration: her passion for travelling to new, exciting places and destinations around the world. Through her designs, she aims to inspire other globetrotters who love travelling as much as she does.

Design from Art Prints Vicky


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