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Making of: Studio Daydreamer

Take these memories and tuck them away, like secret letters to be read again someday. Join us behind the scenes of Studio Daydreamer - a new photo collection by Desenio.

The Studio Collection Daydreamer tells the story of a summer that must inevitably come to an end. The shifting moments between seasons where we must let go of the past, not yet knowing what the future holds. – Studio Daydreamer is a wistful story set at the time where summer transitions into fall. A moment in time when we want to hold on to the easier lifestyle that summer brings, the beautiful summer flora and those golden hours that never seem to end, says Creative Director Annica Wallin.

A creative team from our Design Studio shot this collection in the picturesque Scandinavian countryside while nature was in full bloom. The lush meadows, open fields and mirrored lakes made for the perfect backdrop to tell this story. This colour scheme features some of fall’s biggest interior trends, such as cypress green mixed with softer earth colours such as brown and beige. – The combination of colours creates a calm and peaceful ambience. We are seeing a strong lifestyle trend when it comes to nature and a longing to connect with the outdoors. This collection really embodies the feeling of calm we’re looking to surround ourselves with at home this season.

This collection of 32 photo art prints portrays the transitional moments between seasons, with bittersweet endings and new beginnings. – Studio Daydreamer is the perfect collection for those who want to add a romantic feel to their home. It’s a collection for all the daydreamers out there, and for those who enjoy decorating their walls in beautiful art inspired by nature, says Annica Wallin.

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