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Our new photo collection Studio Savanna invites us to the rural and untouched wildlife of Tanzania, giving us a unique glimpse into the world of some of the wild animals living in the savannah.

Our creative photo team travelled to Tanzania and Serengeti National Park to capture wild animals in their natural habitat, creating unique photo art with a classic look to fit beautifully in any home. This collection features candid shots of elephants, lions and zebras, among other animals, giving us a unique glimpse into life in the savannah.

”Planning this photo production was very exciting; working on set as a photographer always requires improvisation, but in this case, I had no control whatsoever; we were literally on someone else’s territory.”

– David, Photographer.

"Our production days were long! It's super important to be up early to catch the sunrise, and we spent all of our days in a jeep trying to spot the animals that live there. We spent many hours in the savanna every day, from dawn until dusk, to get close to the animals and capture the magical moments on camera."

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