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Subtle elegance with posters by Anna Bülow

Anna Bülow has succeeded in creating her own signature style, with works that are recognized by their subtle colour schemes and the perfect balance between pencil lines and powerful, graphic elements. You can now find Anna Bülow’s art here at Desenio!

Anna Bülow’s prints are characterized by their subtle colour schemes that go great in a modern, Scandinavian interior. Feminism and the imperfect are both things that inspire Anna’s creativity. The contrasts between thin pencil lines and powerful brush strokes have captured an international audience, and through her minimalist designs, Anna wishes to extend space for personal reflection to the viewer. Open your home and heart to art that touches the senses!

Anna Bülow posters

Anna was born in Sweden in 1975, but lives and works in Norway, where she dedicates her time to art and her personal webshop. Anna was attracted to drawing already during childhood and has since then studied art, as well as worked as a graphic designer. Following a couple of years in the field, Anna took a leap of faith and started illustrating full time under the brand Art by Love.

"My art is stories from life. Moments that I need to remember. Moments that I can’t forget."

Art by Anna Bülow

Anna Bülow illustrations

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