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Design focus this fall: terrazzo!

The terrazzo pattern is making a comeback and getting a lot of attention in the design world this fall! We’re welcoming back the hot 70s trend by letting the pattern take centre stage on not only flooring and countertops, but also within fashion, design, and wall art.

During the 70s, one of the hottest trends was the terrazzo pattern, and this fall, almost fifty years later, the pattern is again back in the spotlight. Boost the style with graphic art in earthy and pastel shades - preferably blue and pink.

Decorate with terrazzoPosters with terrazzo patterns

Terrazzo is the pattern that varies greatly in both colour and form, and is therefore the perfect way to add uniqueness to the graphic art on our walls. Create gallery walls with posters featuring abstract patterns, in which subtle colours balance the pattern, thereby avoiding disharmony. We’re all about accessorizing with terrazzo, e.g. with a china bowl, to capture the style even further.

How are you decorating to breathe new life into the 70s trend?

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