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Get a classic interior with monochrome photo art

Photo art takes centre stage when accentuating monochrome in our interior design – a style and trend that works in any home and remains a classic.

Decorate in a monochrome style with photo art in focus for guaranteed trendy walls and a home that feels inspiring. Subtle photo art is a simple way to bedeck your walls and create a trendy feel that always works – no matter the year. Together with elements of the trend colour ochre in either your gallery wall or other decor, you can create contrasts in the monochrome style that will make any room feel more vibrant.

Black-and-white gallery wall

Assemble your gallery wall using different kinds of photo art – portrait, landscape, or animals – to make it more exciting. No matter the design, your gallery wall will look trendy and timeless. A tip is to decorate with photo art in combination with elements in ochre to create a medley of styles that accentuate the monochrome interior.

Build a gallery wall

Decorating with monochromes provides endless possibilities, and the style suits all types of settings – you choose what to place focus on in your home. Dark, light, muted, or flashy tones? Decorating in line with the monochrome trend can be done in countless ways, but we have chosen to highlight two different styles where photo art takes centre stage among the various elements.

The first style works well in dim rooms with dark walls and muted colours. In this type of room, black-and-white photo art is accentuated. In blonde rooms, the monochrome style makes use of the black elements along with photo art in ochre to create a pleasurable contrast in the light interior style. Drawing inspiration from and decorating in monochrome offers endless possibilities, and, when combined with photo art and ochre, creates a welcoming interior style that suits almost any home.

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