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Trendspotting - neon and vibrant pastels

One of the trends we are seeing taking up more space in interior design this year is a steady stream of contrasting pastels and neon colors. Achieve this exciting contrast with help from light shades mixed with modern accessories in neon colors and striking pastels!

Neon lamps, high-contrast art, and the courage to decorate with colors - these are a few simple tools for decorating in a stylish and modern style that immediately sets your home apart. This decor trend won’t go unnoticed - and we love it!

Be bold with color! In the spirit of spring, you can’t go wrong with a strong emphasis on color in your home. Go for light and earthy base colors, then go all in with accessories in more prominent shades. The earth tone palette is an effective way to maintain a harmonizing feel while enabling you to easily switch out your decor along the way.

Retro goes modern

Retro accessories such as neon signs and lamps are more popular than ever! Why not decorate with neon art? In our latest arrivals, you’ll find designs featuring vibrant pastels and neon typography to achieve the style.

Discover the iconic contrast in our shop - naturally we’ve sourced new designs to match one of spring’s hottest trends: