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Make your gallery wall complete with our frames! We have beautiful wood frames in both black, white, light wood and oak, along with trendy metal frames in gold, copper, black and silver. Our frames are available in a variety of sizes, all fitting perfectly with our prints.

Frames and picture frames for prints

Choosing the right frame for your art might seem like a difficult task, but we assure you will find the perfect match at Desenio. Choose from our large collection of frames in various colours, materials, and sizes. We offer everything from small picture frames that work well for photos, to large frames that will take centre stage on your walls. You can choose from eight sizes: 13x18 cm, 21x30 cm, 30x40 cm, 40x50 cm, 50x50 cm, 50x70 cm, 70x100 cm and 100x150 cm. We also offer modern frames from Moebe, which are perfect for pictures and photos in A3, A4, and A5. They come in elegant black aluminium and oak.


Our frames aren't only used to protect and preserve your chosen artwork, they make a stylish accessory too! The acrylic glass protects against stains and dirt and keeps your art in good condition. Maybe you like to replace your posters according to the season or mood? Then a durable frame is your best friend! Thanks to the fact that our frames are very easy to open from the back, you can easily replace your posters whenever you feel like, and without spending much you can completely change the look and style of your home.


Our strong belief is that art should be for everyone – easily accessible and affordable without compromising on quality or design. That’s why we offer affordable frames in various colours and materials to complement and accentuate your art. Our wooden frames come in classic black, white, untreated oak and light wood. Our popular metal frames in gold, silver, and copper have a high-gloss finish, while the black metal frames have a stylish matte finish which really adds a high-end feel to the frames.

Choosing the right colour and material for a frame makes a greater difference than you’d expect. The frames can accentuate other details in your home, and you can create a beautiful overall impression. Combine your posters with frames in a similar colour as your interior elements, or choose a completely different sort of frame to create some elegant contrast.


We know how difficult it can be to decide which posters you want at home. Should the style be uniform, or do you want your artwork to make a statement and add contrast? No matter what style you want to achieve in your home, we are sure that our frames can help you create a perfect final result.

If you're fond of the earthy hues, our wooden frames in oak and dark wood are a good choice. Natural materials interact well with prints in soft earth tones, but you can of course create a contrast by using a frame in gold, copper or silver for a high-end feel. If you're more into the modern and contemporary style, then perhaps wooden frames in black or white are something for you! A white frame on the other hand allows the design to take its rightful place on the wall, while a black frame creates contrast and depth and really accentuates the art.


To collect some extra style points you can purchase a passepartout along with your frame and print. It'll both highlight the poster itself as well as protect it. Having a passepartout around the design nicely accentuates it, and it creates a whole new overall look when you spend a little extra time on details. In addition to choosing frames in your preferred colour, you can also match your print with other art accessories. For a little variety you can use a stylish poster hanger, poster clips, washi tape, or picture ledges. Discover all of these in the Accessories category!


All of our frames are equipped with crystal clear acrylic glass, which is lightweight and shatterproof. The smart frame design also makes it easy to both put the artwork into it as well as hanging the frame on the wall. The frames open at the back, and you can easily insert your posters without any problems

Our small 13x18 cm and 21x30 cm picture frames have a back piece with a stand, so your frame is able to stand upright on a desk, table or whatever place you prefer. All of Desenio’s frames have hangers so they can be hung in either portrait or landscape format, enabling you to set up your gallery wall just the way you like.