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Botanical art


Do you love plants but struggle to keep them alive? If so, take our advice: decorate your walls with floral posters and botanical prints! Homely and guaranteed never to need watering! Botanise with cacti, flowers, palms, and other plants to create a personal green space.

Botanical art prints & floral posters

Under the Botanical category you will find a large assortment of botanical prints and floral posters. Adorn your walls with verdant green leaves, plants and flowers to create a delightful and cheerful home. Posters of greenery can be elegantly combined in your decor with real plants and flowers. Thanks to our floral prints, you don’t need to have green fingers to create a jungle or beautiful garden in your home.

A few popular posters in this category are designs of cheese plant leaves, palm fronds, and dandelions. We use thick, uncoated paper to print our posters to give them a matte and exclusive finish. You can also buy posters and prints while browsing through our inspiration pictures, where we display poster combinations in various environments. You’ll find affordable posters online at Desenio.

Posters of flowers, cacti, and other plants

Floral art provides you with endless possibilities – create a romantic gallery wall using pictures of roses, peonies, and other flowers. Do you prefer a more Scandinavian design style with elegant illustrations of plants in black-and-white? Or perhaps trendy cactus poster or palm fronds with plenty of colour for a tropical feel? We have something for everyone!

Tip! Use botanical designs with kitchen themes, such as posters of spices and vegetables, for inspiration in the kitchen. Floral vintage posters are perfect for creating a countryside look in summer houses, and photo posters of green plants look amazing when contrasted with living plants. You’ll also find posters and prints of plants with modern graphic designs and elegant illustrations of all our favourites in nature.