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Little Detroit


Danish artist Christine Brage creates the unique papercuts that Little Detroit is known for.

“Most of my work is made without an exact plan. Usually, I see where the scalpel leads me; I let my intuition guide me.”

Christine has dreamed of becoming an artist sin she was a child and told us that expressing herself through art is a big part of who she is. 

“I fell in love with the process of working with paper, and I’m always working with new patterns, textures and colour combinations.”

Paper cuts patterns by Little Detroit

Christine Brage is a Danish designer, artist, and the founder of the company Little Detroit. When asked to describe her art she replies: organic, calm, and abstract. Christine loves to experiment and works most by free hand combining different shapes, colours, and patterns, mainly working with paper cuts. She collects her inspiration from everywhere she goes, mostly from her daily walks in nature.

Christine is a self-taught artist who has created art since she was a young child. Going through many art styles before, she has now found the one that captured her the most, which was working with paper. 

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