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Sofia Larsson


As a child, Sofia Larsson used drawing as a way to stay focused in school. Inspired by her artist uncle, she would constantly be painting, creating her own art for her bedroom. But it wasn't until the age of 40 that she resumed her childhood hobby and picked up painting again.

"As a self-taught artist, I don't always have a plan. The attitude, strong, cool women and colour explosions are significant to my work. My original paintings are often big, and I want them to leave an impression."

Inspired by everyday life, Sofia uses acrylic paint on canvas when painting her originals. She describes herself as an impatient perfectionist.

"I always use a lot of colour when I paint! I sit in it, walk in it, and god knows I've ruined a lot of clothes! I want everything to go fast, but I also have a hard time feeling done."

Sofia Larsson

Sofia Larsson is an artist based in Sweden who creates colourful and strong art in a beautiful way. She finds inspiration from her everyday life, and she wants to put more colour in people’s homes.

In this category, you will find illustrations of cool and strong women with big accessories and a powerful vibe. You will also find posters of abstract paintings with a lot of colours and creative patterns. These posters will be a great addition to your gallery wall or as singles pieces. Mix and match how you see fit, find your favourites and make her wish come true by putting some colour in your home with her artwork.