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Moomin illustrations


Decorate your walls with the beloved Moomin characters! Our collection of Moomin posters offers prints featuring our favourite characters from Moominvalley. The person behind the original characters, Tove Jansson, truly managed to create some mythical creatures that still are a global phenomenon - more adored than ever!

Hand drawn Moomin illustrations

Say hello to the quirky characters of Moominvalley! These sweet creatures, originally made up by Tove Jansson, has taken us on many adventures through the years. Now you can bring them into your home! Portayed in a minimalistic style with soft pastel colours, they are a great fit for every home.

These prints feature all of our favourite characters from Moominvalley. Find your favourite print with Moomin, Moominmamma, Moominpappa, Snufkin, Snorkmaiden, Little My, Sniff and Hemulen. If you're longing to redo your kids rooms this is a perfect addition! Playful and fun whilst still being stylish, a combination that's hard to beat. The hand drawn details gives the design an authentic look, and with the pastel coloured background they fit perfectly together with each other in a gallery wall.

If you're a true Moomin fan you've found your perfect prints! Either buy the entire collection of Moomin prints to assemble a gallery wall filled with these cute creatures, or simply add one or two of them to your home to add a unique touch to your wall.