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Picture ledge


A picture ledge is an ideal way to create a flexible picture wall. Simply rearrange your pictures to get a whole new look. Achieve a really stylish look by combining your pictures with some of your favourite books or newspapers. In the kitchen, for example, use a picture ledge to combine kitchen pictures with some stylish cookery books.

Trendy picture ledges

A picture ledge gives you a simple way to stylishly display your posters – and you can easily move them around for a fresh look. You also don’t need to worry about drilling numerous holes to assemble your gallery wall – with a picture ledge you can easily change up your art without drilling new holes. Our wooden picture ledges come in black, white, and oak, and are 70 cm wide and 9,5 cm deep. If you need a longer picture ledge, simply place several alongside each other in row. Mount your picture ledge and adorn it with your favourite posters and prints. And why not combine the posters on your picture shelf with photos, books, and magazines for a more personal look. Mount your picture ledge in a hallway, above your bed, or in the living room to give your home a stylish and cosy feel.

It looks super-stylish to mount several picture ledges underneath one another on a full wall where you can mix posters, books, and photographs in different sizes and styles. Combining ornaments and posters in different sizes and at different eye levels on picture shelves is a feast for the eyes. You can also combine picture ledges in different colours to create contrasts or go with a single colour for a sense of harmony. 

Picture ledges are not only for posters, they can also be used as a stylish interior element for holding cookbooks, spices, and ornamental trays in your kitchen, for example. Picture shelves are also popularly used as bookshelves in, for instance, children's rooms.  Buy one or a few picture ledges and set them up in a way that suits you and your home to display posters, books, and other ornaments – or all of these together!