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Washi tape


Here you can find washi tape in various forms. Create a playful impression by combining frames, clips and tape in a picture collage. Use washi tape as a simple and stylish way to mount your posters! Perfect for the kids’ rooms, for your mood board or work desk, or if you want to avoid making holes in the wall.

Multifunctional Washi Tape

Washi tape is a decorative tape with multiple uses, and it’s both practical and easy to use. Washi tape pastes easily to almost all surfaces, and won’t damage the surface nor the object to which it is pasted. If you make a mistake, you can easily peel off the tape and try again – just remember that the surface must be even.

Washi tape is the perfect solution for when you want to hang up posters but don’t want to drill holes in your walls. Washi tape pastes easily to your poster and doesn’t leave marks – in case you change your mind. We have stylish washi tape in assorted colours and patterns that you can use to decorate your posters. Washi tape is ideal for putting up and easily changing art in student rooms, children’s rooms, or offices.