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5 design tips for a cozy kids room

Decorating a kids room doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive - here are our top tips for how to easily and affordably design a cosy room for the new family addition!

When decorating an older child’s room, we like to involve him or her in the decision-making process, and design according to their wishes and personality. On the other hand, when designing a room for a brand new person, there is more freedom involved, and the design can take on a completely different look. What’s the best way to decorate both simply and comfortably for a younger child? Here are 5 tips for how to affordably create guaranteed cosiness in the baby nursery!

1. Communicate who lives in the room!

Decorate the nursery walls with personal accessories that tell a little more about who lives there. Display a watercolour letter print with the child’s initials for a more personal, and especially cute detail. Pair the print with a poster of your child’s zodiac sign, which is printed from handpainted watercolour originals, and go perfectly together with letter wall art.

Picture ledge in kids room Wall art with zodiac sign

Tip: Use picture ledges to easily vary and switch out your designs without needing to drill new holes in the wall, or combine with other decor, such as your child’s favourite books or cute accessories that both you and your child love. Click here to see all of our picture ledges!

2. Create cosy reading nooks

Design a cosy nook in the room with e.g. pillows, fluffy blankets, and a comfy hide that kids (and adults) can play, read books, or take a nap in. Teepee tents have become popular design elements in a kids room, adding the perfect touch of both beauty and practicality for us adults, while being a space that is equally appreciated by the kids. Using leftover fabric, e.g. a retired curtain, to create a welcoming hideout works just as well.  

Nursery decorating ideas Cozy decor for kids room

We love our posters featuring motifs based on handpainted watercolours, with dreamy designs that seem to have been taken straight out of a fairytale. These are the perfect addition to a reading nook wall. Amp up the cosiness with a string of lights! We’ve selected beautiful fairytale motifs that are sure to set your imagination free - find your favourites here:

3. World maps and letter prints

Decorate the nursery with cute posters that are also educational! We carry several alphabet prints, educational animal posters, and world maps for kids, that make the perfect addition to the kid's room. Your child can practice the alphabet with our letter wall art, and learn about the world and its continents with our playful maps. For the family that loves animals and nature, we also have super cute and educational prints of the world’s animals. It’s the perfect way to teach younger children to talk by pointing to and practising the names of the various animals.

Click through the image carousel to discover our educational kid's prints!

4. Muted walls and colourful accessories

Kids and adults often have varying style preferences when it comes to decor; one way to meet halfway is to paint walls in a muted and stylish colour, and then add colour through accessories and toys. By painting the nursery a more subtle and muted colour, the likelihood of growing tired of it is smaller, and you can avoid having to repaint in a couple of years. Instead, add more colour to the kids room in the form of decorations and other accessories. Some examples include cute wall art with graphical or painted motifs, toys, furniture, and string lights: parts of the decor that are easy to switch out as your child grows and gains new interests or needs.

Nursery colors Baby posters


5.  Make room for change and variation

We totally get that it’s hard to grasp that our tiny baby won’t be a baby forever - but it happens sooner than we think! With time, the baby turns into a toddler with his or her own opinions, new interests, and preferences for how their room should look. From one month to another, your child may gain a new hobby, idol, or favourite colour - a good reason to make it easy to vary the decor in the nursery. For example, use washi tape to switch out drawings, photos, or posters on a constant basis without damaging walls or motifs. Shelves can be used as storage for toys and books, but also for beautiful decorations that can easily be put away to make space for new things as your needs change, without the need for drilling new holes or buying new furniture. 

Wall art for nursery Storage nursery

As mentioned above, picture ledges are the perfect unloading zones for all sorts of things - pens, note pads, books, wall art, or toys - your imagination is the only limit!

Make it easy for yourself to tailor the room after your child, and create a place in the home that not only serves as a ‘safe haven’, but also is a place where the child gets to express his or her creativity, playfulness, and personality (without breaking the bank!). 

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