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Let us guide you to the ultimate christmas gifts

December marks the beginning of the Christmas mood - a time for thinking of others, and often shopping for gifts for our loved ones. With our office in full Christmas spirit, we’ve asked our co-workers to share their top picks from our Gift Guide. Get to know a few of the people behind Desenio and collect inspiration for this year’s holiday gifts.

Sofie, Photographer

“Photo art is my favourite from all the categories, and right now I love the thought of filling my home with black and white designs. They are perfect for combining on larger gallery walls, or as separate elements around the home, lending a common thread to the decor. Decorating walls with photographic art is an easy way to let your home mirror your personality; not only because I myself am a photographer, but also because it’s a simple way to display our interests, places we love, or something that inspires us. Here are some of my favourites from The Photo Enthusiast - pieces I am happy to use in my own home or as gifts for others.”  

Isabel, E-commerce manager

“I love discovering new foods, both by cooking at home and eating out. Many of my favourites are found in The Food Junkie category. It’s important to me that the kitchen, a place where I spend a lot of my time, is inspiring. That’s why I look to our popular black & white coffee and wine charts, a funny quote, or our modern black & white illustrations when it comes to decorating my kitchen. When Christmas shopping for others, I usually try to think of things that I myself would like, which is why I am excited to gift these posters to friends and family, in order to make their kitchen and dining room even more inviting.”


Mikaela, Creative Designer

“As a mom to several children, I like to see that the decor in their rooms represents not only them as individuals, but also the various stages in their life. Posters are easy to switch out as desired, and with the help of expressive motifs, a personality gradually emerges in the decor. With a daughter that just turned six and who is transitioning from girly girly to her own person with a strong personality and an interest in slightly ‘cooler’ things, I like the combination of pink and more striking black elements. For the stage between being a small girl and a teenager, I find that Grow Up Pink is the perfect poster, not only in the room but also in her life right now. Or, maybe it speaks foremostly to a mom’s heart, as we watch, with mixed emotion, our daughter growing up.”


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