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One room, three styles

With the arrival of a new season, a wish for change often comes with. This year, posters are the solution! We list the three most stylish trends with posters in black and white, large green plants and colourful agate crystals.


Are you one of those who cannot get enough of timeless design? Our black and white posters are definitely something for you. With posters in black and white, it is possible using only little means to follow the monochrome trend that fits all types of homes and interior decoration styles. We welcome everything from black and white photo art and beautiful portraits to graphic motifs. Black and white can never go wrong!

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There is no doubt about the fact that black and white always will be timeless, but as time passes by we are starting to welcome the green, large-leafed plants in our interior decoration. We can see the popular monstera leaves and cactuses everywhere, now the only thing we want to do is to frame and decorate our walls with these motifs as well. Enrich your walls with life!

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Decorate your home with posters that make your walls pop! We are past the marble trend and now instead welcome gemstones that are appreciated for their stunning colours. We totally understand why! Put the focus on your walls by decorating with our colourful agate crystal posters. The perfect mix is to combine strong colours together with classy posters with quotes. 

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