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The story behind: Studio Renewal

All that once bloomed will bloom again

Studio Renewal is the latest collection of photographs produced in-house by the Desenio Design Studio. The collection of 24 art prints captures the feeling of hope and clarity that results from transformational change.

“Inspired by nature’s eternal beauty, the photographs point to a romantic view of nature reminiscent of the Renaissance period,” says Annica Wallin, Creative Director at Desenio.

A creative team from Desenio traveled to magical places in search of breathtaking architecture adorned with botanical elements.

“We wanted to give a sense of new life emerging in forgotten places and derelict structures, encapsulating a sense of constant hope in change,” says Annica Wallin.

Soft greens and soothing sandstone shades combine to tell the story of a world always growing, changing, and renewing.

Studio Renewal is a reminder to embrace every season and to celebrate change.

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