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13x18 cm | 5x7 in prints


Here you'll find all of our 13x18cm posters. We have a wide range of posters and prints with diverse designs, colours and patterns which match perfectly with most interior design styles. Our small 13x18cm posters work well in combination to create a stylish poster collage.

Poster 13x18cm

In this category we have assembled all the 13x18cm posters offered by Desenio. Decorating with posters is a trendy and simple way to give your home a personal touch. Why not combine several small posters to create a modern gallery wall with your personal favourites from our range? We have a wide assortment of small posters and prints with various themes such as photo art and nature, as well as typographic posters. We have posters and prints in colour and black-and-white which can be combined or hung up on their own. Dare to embrace hot trends and new interior styles to create an amazing look for your home!