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Isabelle Vandeplassche


Making a living off her art was always a dream of Isabelle’s, who’s been posting her paintings online since 2016.

“My account kept growing, and I started to really love the thought of drawing for a living. So I took the jump! Now I feel fortunate to be able to do what I love”.

Isabelle describes her work as serene and calm, mainly using watercolour and aquarelle when painting.

”I get inspired by interiors, day-to-day life, botanical gardens, and flea markets.”

Isabelle Vandeplassche prints

Isabelle Vandeplassche is an illustrator and artist from Belgium, now working in Portugal where she creates beautiful artworks by the ocean. Her artworks show everything from summer landscapes and beaches to dense jungles and everyday settings.

Creating artwork has always been a part of her life and she usually paints using watercolour and aquarelle. She often finishes the artwork digitally. She works with a natural colour palette and is often inspired by her own photography. Her goal is for people to feel a little bit of happiness when admiring her artworks. She believes that art frees our minds and makes us explore the world through colours and cultures.

She is inspired by everyday life in Portugal, travels, flea markets, botanical gardens, landscapes, plants, and sometimes just the tiny moments in life. She also finds inspiration in surfing, which is one of her other interests in life.