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Marco Marella


A self-taught Italian artist and illustrator, Marco Marella lives and works in Venice, where he finds endless inspiration for his artwork. His art has been featured in many magazines and newspapers, on dozens of book covers, and countless commercial products.

Marco Marella prints

Marco Marella is an Italian artist and freelance illustrator living and working in Venice, Italy. He studied at the Chelsea School of Art in London and he has now been in the creative industry for over 30 years, working with everything from surface design to pattern making and illustrations. His work has appeared in UK, US, and French magazines and book covers.

He finds inspiration in the source of modern illustration – His home town Venice. He has been through decades of illustrating and tried all techniques there are. Nowadays he takes advantage of modern techniques and therefore creates his artworks digitally on his iPad. 

At Desenio, you can find some of his still-life prints as well as graphic motifs. Mostly in earthy tones, but also a few pieces with pops of colour.