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Modern art at its best! Here you will find posters and prints created by the Swedish Peytil art project – an expressive collection featuring strong contrasts and soft pastel shades. The founder Eitil Thorén Due is inspired by graffiti, surrealism and fashion, which is reflected in the artwork. Minimalist art that fits in perfectly in a modern home.

Modern posters by Peytil

Eitil Thorén Due is the Swedish artist and designer who founded the Stockholm-based Peytil art project. Peytil is modern art that combines classic painting techniques with digital tools. The artist Eitil Thorén Due draws inspiration from graffiti, popular culture and fashion when creating his expressive, contrast-rich works.

Peytil is modern art with a focus on urban portraits and fashion illustrations that are just as beautiful in their own right as they are when combined with other prints. Use Peytil’s modern and contrast-rich posters to create an expressive home that reflects your personality.