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Giselle Dekel


Like many artists, Giselle Dekel began her creative path at a very young age, starting craft classes at six years old. As a teenager, she went to art school and dreamed of becoming a textile designer, attending a design college to pursue that career.

"It didn't work out, so I went through a long experimental phase and eventually discovered the world of illustration; I completely fell in love! Whatever I feel like illustrating at that moment, I just do it.

If I'm out of ideas, I'll do something different or experimental or choose a subject from my long list of ideas," she says.

Based in Israel, Giselle uses watercolour and Photoshop to create her feel-good art prints that always have a touch of humour. She describes her art as minimal, funny, and honest.

"I'm inspired by people, everyday situations, the moments in life that suck, and the moments that are funny."

Giselle Dekel