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Thao Courtial


As soon as she was old enough, Thao Courtial started taking photographs with her father's camera.

"It was obvious to me that this was going to be my way of expressing myself and reinterpreting the world", she says.

Thao started taking pictures of her travels to keep as memories but soon felt the need to go beyond that. Her photo art prints capture the magic of the world we live in.

"I travel light, and with very little equipment, I have my camera and two lenses, a 50mm and a 35mm. For each destination, I create a mental mood board by asking myself how the country inspires me and how I felt being there. Then, I look for the right light and set my colours as a painter would," she says.

Photo prints by Thao Courtial

Thao Courtial is a travel and landscape photographer currently based in Toulouse, France. Discovering new countries and cultures at an early age, Thao has always been fascinated by the unknown. When she was old enough to understand how her father's camera worked, it was obvious to her that this was going to be her way of expressing herself and reinterpreting the world. 

When asked what she is inspired by she replies ”With its infinite forms and colours, nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. I am also fascinated by art, especially painting, design and architecture.”

Thao Courtials photography art invites the viewer to slow down and admire. Dream away and discover photographs with exotic climates, such as blue crystal clear water, beautiful mountain scenery, cool buildings and exotic vegetation. Find your new photo art from Thao Courtial at Desenio!