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Jonas Loose


Jonas Loose is an artist and photographer based in Hamburg. His art is inspired by nature and is created in a fun and colourful way. You will find animal prints with a playful twist and out-of-the-box thinking posters to brighten up your walls.

Jonas Loose posters

In this category, you will find art from the artist and photographer, Jonas Loose. Posters with pink, green and several other colourful backgrounds. Motives of a lion in a flower wreath, a giraffe in roller-skates or a flamingo with the body of ice cream. Whatever animal with a twist you prefer, you will find it here. These prints are perfect for the children’s room or to give any room of the home a little more colour. Match these posters with text posters to bring out a message you find suitable. Find the text prints under the category Text posters to create a fun wall!