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Elisabeth Fredriksson


In this category, we have grouped together designs created by Swedish graphic designer Elisabeth Fredriksson, who has had a creative interest since an early age. Elisabeth is fascinated by architecture, colour and nature, and her modern artwork is characterised by these three exciting elements imbued with geometric patterns and gold and copper details.

Elisabeth Fredriksson prints

Elisabeth Fredriksson is a Swedish designer who has been fascinated by all forms of art since childhood. Her parents introduced her to various creative hobbies, such as her mother’s oil paintings and her father teaching her Photoshop, all of which nurtured her creativity.

Nowadays, Elisabeth’s main focus is on graphic design. Elisabeth's artwork largely consists of geometric patterns with elements from nature and imbued with gold and copper details. Elisabeth says that during her creative process, she is inspired by everything from a grain of sand to the entire universe.

We are proud to include Elisabeth’s designs in our range of posters, and all designs are printed on high-quality, premium paper for an exclusive, matt finish.